About 3DMaps SDK

The 3DMaps SDK is a foundation to build 3D GIS applications such as geo portals, urban planning tools, infrastructure visualisation tools on. The 3DMaps Runtime runs directly in a standard web browser with unparalleled performance, enabling large scale deployment and accessibility.

The 3DMaps viewer runs plugin-free with WebGL and HTML5 standards in all leading browsers.

The 3DMaps Runtime and content tool chain supports numerous data formats and data types such as aerial-, oblique- and 360-imagery, vector, DTM/DSM, 3D-models and highly detailed surface models from Acute3D Smart3DCapture, Airbus StreetFactory and AgiSoft PhotoScan. Also supported are the OGC-standards WMS and WCS. Click here for a list of supported formats.

Developing for 3DMaps is very much like developing for any other GIS system.  A typical system architecture built for the 3DMaps SDK looks no different than a typical GIS system architecture. 3DMaps Runtime is executed in the web browser and connects to databases and data sources via Javascript/AJAX and/or WMS. The solution is hosted on a standard web server. For performance purposes, terrain and 3D-city data is converted to an optimized 3DMaps format.

When you register as a developer, you can directly start developing with the hosted 3DMaps Runtime and the hosted open data sources. This means you do not need to setup a web server or convert data to get started.

The 3DMaps SDK contains
The 3DMaps Runtime is a powerful 3D GIS engine for the web that supports visualization and interaction with GIS data of many different types such as 3D-city datasets, digital terrain model, ortho imagery, oblique imagery, 360 imagery,  3D-models, vector data, OGC WMS, geo referenced images and points of interest.
The 3DMaps Desktop and Server Converter Tools optimizes large datasets for online deployment. With features such as automatic creation of terrain and 3D-city model level of details, partitioning and texture optimization, the 3DMaps Converter Tools enables data for massive areas to be visualised in realtime. The Desktop Converter is included for Premium developers.
Easy to follow Tutorials helps the beginner to become an expert in no time. Learn how to setup 3DMaps, and code features such as Points of interest, vector overlays, fetching tiles from WMS, adding GUI buttons and more.
Documentation that covers every API call and settings supported by the 3DMaps Runtime as well as the Desktop and Server Converter tools. Indispensable for every developer.
Direct email support from our experts to help you build the best applications possible.

You can register for free as a Developer to quickly get started evaluating the SDK. To access the downloadable 3DMaps Runtime, the Converter tools and email support, you need to upgrade to Premium Developer. The table below lists the differences in membership.

Developer Premium Developer
Documentation √ √
Tutorials √ √
Hosted 3DMaps Runtime √ √
Downloadable 3DMaps Runtime √
Desktop Converter   √
Email support*   √
Cost Free Contact us
Register as Developer Register as Premium Developer

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