Supported data formats

The 3DMaps Runtime can visualise a number of data types converted with the 3DMaps Converter tool. The converter supports the following input data.

Data type Formats
Aerial imagery and vector raster WMS, GeoTiff, standard imageformats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc) with georeferenced worldfiles
Digital Terrain model/Digital Surface model WCS, GeoTiff 32 bit float, ESRI ASCII Grid
Highly detailed textured surface model Bentley ContextCapture, Airbus StreetFactory, AgiSoft PhotoScan
Vector ESRI Shape (not converted, loaded directly by the Runtime)
3D-models KMZ, Collada 1.4.1 (with positioning from Shape or KML)
Oblique imagery JPEG images plus ESRI Shape file with polygons of image footprints
360 imagery Not documented in the current version